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January 19, 2009

Do You Need any Ham?

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It happened while I was in Jogja, actually :p
Majibu makes me post it now

Jogja, January 3rd 2009

I went to my friend’s house to celebrate Christmas. I put my motorbike in front of her shop, which had already closed coz it was evening. I reached my cellphone and called her so she might know I’ve come and she could open her shop garage. After made the call, I walked around, waiting for her.

Then a foreigner, hm..not sure if he’s a bule since his hair is black, asked me “Do you need any ham?”


“Do you need any ham?” he repeated while I still gaped at him. “Apakah kamu butuh… ah..what is it in Indonesian..” he continued, trying to find a proper word.

I was a bit scared. If a stranger ask you about something unclear, isn’t that quite suspicious? Ham? With my a-bit-fat-body I was so sure I didn’t resemble a starving girl. Hey! Maybe I misheard.

“Ng..what do you mean? Ham or help?” I replied, couldn’t help wondering, maybe he’s the one who needed help.

Instead of replying my question, he threw another question “Are you American?”

. . . . .

LoL.. In what point of view do i look like Americans? I do look more like Japanese in dark skin LoL. But maybe in US, the race varies.

“No, I’m Indonesian” I replied again, starting to feel funny.

“Oh..and do you need any help?” his gestures described the way I stood in front of a closed shop garage, doing nothing but holding cellphone.

Just in time when I opened my lips to reply, my friend opened her garage.
“No, I’m fine. I’m waiting for my friend and there she is. Thank you” I walked (actually kinda run) to my friend.

So it was my ear’s fault in transmitting his word. Made the situation strange LoL.

In Bali, it’s a common thing you meet a bule, but in Jogja? And… are foreigners more friendly than locals? Me myself wouldn’t care if someone put their motorbike and looked confused. Maybe people are just getting selfish (or is it me?)’s sure nice to have someone helping you when you are in need. At least, dear foreigner, thanks for making me smile afterward.

Oops! I realized something

I forgot to smile at him :p


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