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January 19, 2009

The Dog and The Street

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I was from my way back from Yuan’s boarding house in Karang Tenget. In the Jl Kediri’s intersection, I wanted to cross the street to gang Bhineka Jati Jaya. Next to my motorbike, in my left, there was a dog. It went back and forth. Maybe it wanted to cross the street but scared (sotoy mode). So i asked it, “Pochi, do you want to cross the street?” (hohoho..just call the dog Pochi). Pochi remained silent.

Hm…I thought maybe Pochi was just wandering around just like many other dogs. Then i continued observing the traffic that came from my right, looking for a chance to cross the street. When the traffic’s empty, I crossed it.. and..Pochi was also crossing the street following me! So i had a correct guess about Pochi’s intention, hahaha.. We stopped in the middle of the street. I looked at my left. There was a car, but quite far. We can still make it. Pochi stepped back in doubt. I told it, “Come on, Pochi”. and Pochi ran before me! Pochi made it to cross the street.

I happily watched Pochi. and…do you know the purpose of Pochi crossing the street? It wanted to meet it’s friend! Aw…so sweet >.<


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